Daden has specialised in 3D immersive environments and conversational AI for over 10 years. We design for 3D first, VR second (from Google Cardboard to Oculus Rift) - this means that every student or employee can gain the benefits of 3D whether or not they have a virtual reality headset. If you need help in understanding what VR, immersive environments and chatbots are all about then get in contact, and if you are looking to deploy a solution in these areas then do check out the following services...

Products and Services


Fieldscapes lets educators create and share engaging, effective and informative 3D lessons and experiences for their students. Our easy to use 3D editor lets almost anyone create a 3D or VR immersive learning experience for almost any subject or level - or language, and your students can learn (and revise) in locations that bring real context, engagement and freedom to their learning.
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Trainingscapes uses the same underlying PIVOTE technology as Fieldscapes but is provided as a white label service to corporates and other organisations who want a 3D and VR learning environment which is under their complete control. Exercise creation is just as easy, and like Fieldscapes lessons can be delivered in single or muli-user modes, and to desktops, tablets or mobile.
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Chatbots are computer programmes that can engage your students, prospects, customers or staff in natural language conversations. Whilst they can perform Siri-like question answering they are optimised for extended conversations and building engagement with the user. Chatbots can act as afront-end to almost any information system.
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3D/VR Data Visualisation

We can let you visualise and analyse your data in 3D, increasing understanding and helping you to make better decisions. We can even embed 3D data in social 3D/VR environments!
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Consulting and Public Speaking

With over 2 decades experience of chatbot, AI, VR and immersive tech we can help you think through how all these technologies could impact your business, organisation or sector. Just get in touch to start the conversation.
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Example Work


Virtual Avebury in 3D/VR


Nursing and Midwifery Training


Virtual Life Coaches


Virtual Fieldtrips in VR


Network firewall activity


Virtual librarian


Bereavement training for UHB NHS


P53 Protein visualisation


Apollo 11 - Tranquility Base


Disaster management for NYC


Virtual campus guide for HBMeU


Viewing DNS data in VR

Our Team

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David Burden

Managing Director

Iain Brazendale

Development Manager, Datascape Lead

Darrell Smith

Project Manager

Nash Mbaya

Developer, Fieldscapes Lead

Sean Vieira

Developer, Fieldscapes focus

Adam Phillips

Developer, Datascape & Chatbots focus

About Us

Daden specialises in 3D, VR and AI, and we've been working with these technologies for over 10 years. We design for 3D first, VR second (from Google Cardboard to Oculus Rift) - this means that every student or employee can gain the benefits of 3D whether or not they have a virtual reality headset. If you need help in understanding what VR, immersive environments and chatbots are all about, or would like to know more about our 3D, VR or AI solutions then please get in contact.

"Daden are an impressive team who demonstrate professionalism to the highest standard. We are delighted with the final product which enable us to meet our key business objectives of advertising our office, event and start-up space in an innovative and contemporary way."

Cliff Dennett
Head of Business Development, Innovation Birmingham Campus

"The Virtual Library of Birmingham has proved a powerful tool for the project team and staff as we develop the new library, enabling us to get a really good feel for how the spaces in the new building will work that would not otherwise be possible."

Brian Gambles
Library Director, Library of Birmingham

"Daden are a company who understands and works with higher education and whilst also supporting and guiding us towards innovative solutions"

Prof. Maggi Savin-Baden
Professor of Higher Education Research, University of Worcester

"Daden are using Unity in one of the most unique ways I have seen."

Davey Jackson
Director of Simulation & Visualization, Unity Technologies

"The team were professional throughout, their attention to detail was commendable, but above all else when they are given the freedom to exercise their own creativity the results are amazing."

Tim Mullis
EVE Project Manager, City Academy Norwich

"Daden’s submissions exemplify what we were hoping to see in the challenge. Datascape’s demonstration of streaming real-time data will be very useful for the analysis community while PIVOTE goes a long way in demonstrating interactive capabilities that could be used by first-responders. We are delighted that they were in our winners circle and we expect to see a great relationship form between the U.S. Government and Daden."

Tami Griffith
The Federal Virtual World Challenge Co-ordinator, US Department of Defense

"Daden is a great consulting company for educational projects: very professional to work with, and David Burden exhibits an excellent ability to interpret the educational requirements of teaching development projects!"

Brant Knutzen
Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong

"This programme (PIVOTE) provides the students with a fun learning environment, where they can afford to make mistakes online, which they could not afford to make in the real world."

Alan Rice
Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science, St George’s Hospital

"It’s a really useful tool. It’s much better to be able to actually perform treatments rather than just talk about it. Everyone is online at the same time so you can bounce ideas off each other and make an informed decision."

2nd Year Paramedic Student
St George’s Hospital

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