Daden are specialists in developing immersive 3D applications for learning, training and education (Trainingscapes and Fieldscapes), and for immersive 3D data visualisations (Datascapes), using both conventional 2D displays and virtual reality headsets.

We also use our 3D immersive environment skills to develop a range of affordable B2B and B2C Virtual Reality solutions, including Photospheres for location tours, 3D Product Catalogues, and 3D Learning and Exploration spaces - all of which can be delivered to a user's smartphone, and viewed either with or without a Google Cardboard VR headset (£10 on Amazon).

We also offer a range of Consulting Services to help you better understand emerging technologies such as virtual reality, immersive environments, augmented reality and virtual worlds.

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On 25th April we launched our initial FieldscapeVR app for Android and Google Cardboard. This is very much a teaser for the final Fieldscapes application, but is also potentially a useful tool for tutors and students in its own right as it lets you take a …

As part of getting the Datascape Wiki ready we've begun to work our way through the various demo datasets and workspaces which will be included with the application. First up is the GPS dataset and workspace.This shows one the car driving of one of our tea…

In trying to work out how best to explain Virtual Reality and the application options open to clients I think we've decided that there are fundamentally three different types of VR app: - The Photosphere …

Virtual Reality - Without the Hype


Download our new white paper on Virtual Reality, in which we attempt to cut through the hype and let you know what you can do today, and what might need to wait til later in 2016, or even 2017. We also try to clarify the differences between the Smartphone and Integrated Headset approaches to VR, and the differences between 2D photosphere and 3D model content. Let us know your thoughts through our Facebook or LinkedIn Groups.

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