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New Year, New Name - FieldscapesVR

r it. After much deliberation we've gone for Fieldscapes AND FieldscapesVR. Whilst the core service will be called Fi… FieldscapesVR will also be used to refer to the VR capab

Cardboard Carding Mill

push ahead with this as an early release of FieldscapesVR. Sean has been doing a lot more work on th

FieldscapesVR on Android Play Store!

rd. This is very much a teaser for the final Fieldscapes application…fieldscapesfieldscapesvr…fieldscapesfieldscapesvr…FieldscapesFieldscapesVR

Carding Mill Valley VR Photosphere App Launched

part to our FieldscapesVR app so that people can compare the two app… or fly around. By contrast FieldscapesVR provides a 3D model of the valley which is

Fieldscapes Editor - The First Exercises

We're making great progress with the Fieldscapes Editor now. With the Player…h on the Editor and the Infrastructure. The Fieldscapes Wiki already gives an idea of how the Fields

First Fieldscape Video - A Field Trip to the Moon!

ur first video of the Explorer app from the Fieldscapes project … Fieldscapesple user interface that students can have in Fieldscapes Make sure you follow the Fieldscapes Video Channel to catch further videos. The

Fieldscapes Video - Introducing the Editor

e put together a short video showing how the Fieldscapes Editor can be used to create a very simple …. You can read more about the editor on the Fieldscapes Wiki.

Video Tutorials: Variables in Fieldscapes

w videos to show you how to use variables in Fieldscapes. More to follow as this is an important area…o gives a basic introduction to variables in Fieldscapes and shows how they can be used as both an in