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All about Google Cardboard

a short introduction to the Google Cardboard VRt how you could use Google Cardboard and its VR experience in your organisation. Visit our G

Daden releases Rosetta Mission in VR on Google Cardboard

We released our first Google Cardboard VR app onto the Google Play store today. Rosett…aVR lets you look at Comet 67P… a model. For RosettaVR the main interaction is rotation control

The VR Landscape Map

In trying to explain VR to people it has been interesting to see how…that Cardboard type solutions are for simple VR photospheres and that Oculus is for complex VR

Three Virtual Reality Apps in a Month!

iCentrumVRThese apps show that VR need not be confined to big brands and Holly

VR in Learning & Development

hype VR in Learning and Development. You can read th…D professionals to VRVR with over a third planning to use VR over the next three years. 95…D professionals said they see VR as being useful for enhancing training

Webinar: Virtual Reality - Getting to Caprica

and uses the VR David's other recent Brighttalk webinars on VR for Data Visualisation and for eLearning… VR in Education… Moving the Classroom to Mars Using VR as a Data Visualisation Environment